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Quantum Actuary, a precise number to emotional and physical pain.

About Quantum Actuary

When Quantum Actuary was formed, the company’s moral foundation established the blueprint for its ethos. It was the deeply rooted desire by our founding partners to help claimants to receive fair and impartial compensation, by using prediction models to determine the financial implications caused by loss of income, medical negligence or malpractice, and divorce, that initiated Quantum Actuary. With its three core pillars, actuarial precision, efficient turnaround, and affordable quality service, Quantum Actuary thrives to establish itself as the leading actuarial services provider.

We have come to learn, whilst working with our clients, that there exists a growing need to educate the market on actuarial assessments. Our team’s combined experience of over 30 years consulting within the Law of Delict space ideally positions us an educator to our clients whilst efficiently delivering quality actuarial reports.

Consultative communication is embedded within each team member. This allows us to understand and serve our clients at the exact point of need, whilst seamlessly educating them on highly technical actuarial Quantum processes.

Quantum Actuary Services

Calculations for loss of earnings due to impairment from:

  1. Road accidents.
  2. Work-related injuries.
  3. Wrongful dismissal or breach of contract.
  4. Incapacitation pertaining to gunshot injuries.
  5. Electrocution: Involves a loss of income or medical expenses claim when someone is electrocuted due to negligence and poor infrastructure maintenance by the power utility.

Quantifiable loss of financial support to dependants due to the death of the breadwinner.

To determine the value of costs incurred such as negligence by a doctor during childbirth that has resulted in the child having a birth defect.

Assessment of accruals in maintenance claims due to divorce.

Calculation of past and future costs of care in cases of medical professional malpractice.

Tailor-made Quantum
Solutions to Unique Problems

  • Our reports have never been contested
  • Service Attorneys across SA
  • Guarantee quality actuarial reports within 3 business days
  • Can testify as expert witnesses
  • Wealth of experience
  • Representation in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Umthatha
  • One-stop shop for actuarial services needs

In our efforts to determine expert and uncontested quantum for our claimants, we have partnered with multidisciplinary medico-legal agency, Protean Medico-Legal, to assist with medical assessments relating to the South African law of delict.

The team works closely with actuaries who need to determine fair compensation in Road Accident Fund (RAF) cases.

Protean’s services include, but not limited to:

  • Industrial Psychology
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Educational Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology

Types of Quantum
Reports Offered

Types of Quantum reports offered Compilation of actuarial reports relating to:
  • Road Accident Fund claims (RAF Act 56 of 1996 and RAF Amendment Act 19 of 2005)
  • Passenger Rail Injury claims (PRASA)
  • Medical Negligence cases against the Department of Health
  • Personal Injuries
  • Maintenance claims from a Deceased Estate
  • Unfair Dismissals
  • Police Unlawful Arrest
  • Other Law of Delict cases